God is Wise Mind- Part One

God loves to spend time with us! We can’t be Martha’s (See What is Mindfulness and Where is God in it? Posted May 26, 2018 ) and be too busy for him. Mindfulness can quiet our minds, so we can hear him speak to us. Being mindful and not multi-tasking allows us to see what God wants us to do- his opportunities for us.
Isn’t prayer spending time with God? Yes! Which is why God is telling us to be in a state of constant prayer. He gave us the Holy Spirit, so we would have Him with us always. In my mind, when I pray I am mindful and when He answers, it is God as my “Wise Mind.”

“God, all at once you turned on a floodlight for me!
You are the revelation light in my darkness,
And in your brightness, I can see the path ahead.”
Psalm 18:28 TPT

In DBT (Dialectic Behavior Therapy), we have three states of mind; Reasonable Mind, Emotion Mind and Wise Mind.

Wise Mind is:
The Wisdom within each person.
• Seeing the value of both emotion and reason
• Bringing the left brain and the right brain together
• The Middle Path

When in Reasonable Mind, it’s just “the facts ma’am.” The facts are in charge along with reason and logic. The great thing about Reasonable Mind is it can lead you through a “to do” list of really good ideas – as long as what you are reasonably thinking about really is FACT. Do your emotions fit the problem?

Many times, we are emotional about something that happened, and it is because we are interpreting the prompting event in a way that might be contrary to what really happened. (Read Drama!) Next time you’re upset, try to describe what happened with just the facts without judgements or assumptions and then determine if it would be helpful to review and evaluate your thoughts. Get in the habit of challenging your thoughts and emotions. Think about all the wrong decisions you might make based on assumptions or judging.

Opposite of this, Emotion Mind is when your feelings, moods and urges can lead you to do or say things. Emotion Mind works great in a lot of situations like when you are comforting a friend who is hurting. I probably don’t need to tell you when Emotion Mind can be unhelpful– I think about the teenaged drama my girls used to engage in!
You can see how the middle path, being able to see both logic and feelings, both creative and analysis can be beneficial. I believe that “The Wisdom within each person” is God. After all, God made us; every fiber and bone, every blood cell and brain cell was fashioned by him. Therefore, it is my interpretation that Wise Mind is God. When I consult Wise Mind, I am praying in a stream of consciousness.
A while ago, I got a voicemail that I wasn’t expecting. I returned the call and was told some information that immediately put me in a state of fear and unknowing. I became agitated and felt my mind click through scenario after scenario of “What ifs”, each one more disconcerting than the last. All of my thought roads leading to this one, that the progress I had been making dealing with my grief was at risk and was soon to be derailed. This might have been true but the “what if’s” (assumptions) weren’t true because they hadn’t happened yet!

I sat on the floor with closed eyes while fearful thoughts swirled around my brain. I often struggle to get my mind to calm down, so I tried to focus on my breath and by breathing with my abdomen to the center of my being. It makes sense that when feeling grief, one would be emotional. It’s to be expected. But when the emotion expands from grief, to fear, to panic, my heartrate escalates, and panic takes over, superseding every other feeling.

My mind was everywhere at once and I felt like I needed to move my body, so I decided that if I was going to ruminate, I should at least do something positive and take a walk with the wieners, Daisy and Bandit. The dogs were so happy to be out of the house now that the Summer sun shone high in the sky and birds and squirrels were everywhere! Seeing them running and nosing around the ground broke away a little of the armor of protection I had started building around myself.

I thought of a coping skill I learned to ask for help from Wise Mind (God), and I paced my breath as we walked along, thinking “Wise” in and “Mind” out. Deep breath in “Wise” -Slow breath out “Mind.”

Because, to me, trying to think in Wise Mind is like tapping into a direct line to God, searching for Wise Mind brings forth the image of my worries, grief, fear, failure bubbling up, up, up to Heaven. As they arrived in my mind, I guided each worry into its own pink bubble and sent them up. Some of the bubbles began to pop as Wise Mind began to challenge the thoughts contained within- God seemed to saying, “Now Cammie, you know that’s not true.” Or “Don’t worry about that, I’ve got it covered.” As the bubbles pop, I imagined a prism of colors of the rainbow shining in place of them and I imagined all of the room that was left in my soul for God’s opportunities and wisdom.

Part 2 Coming up!

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