I use “Jesus Calling” Devotions for Mindfulness

If you’ve read my Mindfulness Exercises I think you’ll see that I like to use Imagery when I am meditating. I especially like to use the daily devotions in Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling.”   Today we are in Southern Indiana on vacation. I read my devotions on the deck of our Villa and I just couldn’t help but use the devotion as a mindfulness exercise.

Sarah’s writing is poetic and she sets a scene everyday in which you can see yourself in your mind’s eye listening to Jesus, Himself.

The devotion for June 3rd focusses on The Lord being central to our entire being. “My Peace displaces fears and worries. They {fears and worries} will encircle you, seeking entrance…”   I loved that! Can you almost visually see the worries buzzing around in your head?

As you try to calm your breath and settle your mind during a Mindfulness session, those big and little worries always creep in and try to get you to follow them, instead of following the calmness of your breath. It’s like one second you’re calm and breathing and the next you’re thinking about how much you’ll spend on groceries, or whether the doctor report will come back negative, whether you’ll be able to make the rent or insert your own worry–and once you latch onto that anxiety, down you go into the rabbit hole chasing it and digging up all kinds of potential negative effects- What if you get evicted? What if the blood test comes back and you need treatment?

I don’t need to tell you that “What-ifs” are limitless.

The Jesus Calling entry goes on to say that Jesus wants us to allow “TRUST and THANKFULNESS to stand guard.” Imagine if your breath was filled with Thankfulness and it pushed those worries right away from your thoughts. Pushed them out with your exhale–standing guard against them coming back in your mind.
What if we breathed in the Trust that we have in God to take care of all our worries? Just pull in the air and with it, faith and conviction—Trust.

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all.” 2 Thessalonians 3:16

So now we have ourselves breathing in the Trust of God and pushing out our worries while expelling our breath in thankfulness. With trust and thankfulness standing guard, the devotion continues to describe how this will “turn back fear before it can gain a foothold.” Don’t let that thought gain it’s foothold in your mind – just send it on its way. No rabbit holes. No need to follow that worry through its pattern of wrenching fear or anxiety.

I have to tell you that it may take time to get those thoughts to move on. Your mind is used to accepting them and it takes awhile for you to build up your Trust and Thanksgiving muscles!

Just keep practicing, even if you only get a few minutes of worry-free calm, next time it will be longer and then longer.

The devotion ends: “Sit quietly in my Love-Light while I bless you with radiant Peace.” Why, that’s exactly what we hope to achieve through Spiritual Mindfulness! Oh, to sit with Jesus in His Love-Light being open to His guidance and NOT WORRYING about what comes next! Our whole being is then trusting and loving Jesus.

That’s the place that’s worth the practice.

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