It is Well with My Soul Mindfulness Exercise #3

It is Well with my Soul
(Based on Psalm 145:5)
“I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.”

Find a PDF version of this exercise: Spiritual Mindfulness Exercise 2 It is Well With my Soul.

❖ Sit comfortably, hands loose with palm open (Willing Hands)

❖ Start with your breath. Feel the fresh inhale and the cleanliness of
the exhale. Breathe in an easy rhythm, trusting in God’s strength.

❖ If problems or thoughts arrive in your mind, acknowledge them,
then send them away as if a bird lighting for a moment and moving

❖ Say aloud or in your mind, “I am with you,” while you continue
your easy breath. Stay here as long as you like.

❖ As our Bible verse states, meditate on our majestic God, who is a
limitless resource.

❖ Connect with Him. Listen for His voice. Stay here, just listening.

❖ When you feel ready to move on, say “It is well with my soul.”
Over and over, like a mantra, breathing and relaxing in His

❖ When you are ready, begin to move slowly as you “awaken” from
your connection. You have come close to God, and He in turn has
come close to you as he promised.

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