One-Mindfulness Anywhere


road with trees

I have to go to a meeting. I don’t want to go.
I’m agitated. I need to ground myself.

These are the things I am thinking:
Don’t close your eyes while driving.
Breathe from the abdomen.
Stop the shaking of your legs.
Deep breaths
Focus on driving. Do it “one mindfully” only living the drive- the now.
Look at the road up ahead flanked with trees.
Deep breaths.
A tenseness in my shoulders- relax them, let them drop down.
Don’t look at the phone.

Deep breaths
Read the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. Smile.
Watch the road, read the signs.

There are things on this road that I didn’t know were there.
I am relaxed. No more leg shaking, no more tense muscles.
I finish my drive and as I wait for my meeting to begin, I jot down this exercise.
It worked well for me.
I am ready.