Storing up Positive Emotions and Experiences

“She needs a lot of hand-holding.” We’ve all heard that phrase and probably regard it as a negative. It’s someone who is needy and can’t do things on her own. But is it really negative? Who hasn’t needed a hand to get something done? And the positive is that in the Gospel of John, The Lord tells us that He will never let go of our hand. God wants us to be needy- but not needy for people to hold our hand- needy for His Hand.

Build this up as a positive experience with God. When He holds our hand we are blessed- and who would ever call a blessing a bad thing? Store up His blessings in your mind and call upon them when you are down. Write them down if you need to. Keep a list of gratitude’s- anything that works as a tool to remind yourself of the good things.

That’s what storing up positive experiences is all about. They can be used to make your mind move on from a bout of sadness or to become one of your coping strategies when you are burdened with problems.

When my girls were little they used to color little posters for their sisters. They would start by asking, “What’s your favorite color?” Then in the middle of the page they would draw the name of the sister and using the favorite color palette they would write and draw and use stickers to represent all of the things that sister liked to do “Loves dogs” “Loves to read”, along with positive attributes about them like “Funny” “Pretty” and favorite food “Ice Cream” “Broccoli” (ha ha) etc. The recipient would then hang that poster in a wall of their room. They were so cute!

In my journal I made one of these for my son after he passed. I wanted to remember everything about him. I colored his name in the middle and surrounded it with his hobbies, things he was good at like fishing and car mechanics, and what he was like- “Awesome Dad.” It wasn’t so artistic- that’s not one of my gifts, but I liked it, and that’s what counts!

Tyler positive poster
What if God made a poster for you? It might say things like “Redeemed”, “God’s child”, “Loves Jesus”, “Like an Eagle!” Try it. Make your own replica of a colored page of what you believe God thinks of you- keep it completely positive. Hang it up in your bedroom or office or just keep it secret in your journal. You can always go back and look at it when you need to give yourself a lift- Even if it’s just to laugh at your drawings!  This is mine!

What God says about me (2)

If you’re having trouble thinking of good things about yourself, meditate on it- read the Bible about what God says about His children and allow Wise Mind (God) to show you how much He loves you!

“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you?”
1 Corinthians 6:19





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