I changed the birdseed and now I’m not sure the birds like it as much as the usual type. This new seed has bigger pieces of fruit and nuts and not so many small seeds. I thought they would go bananas for it! But they didn’t. I don’t have the big flock of little birds I used to have. Are the pieces too big?

And the bigger birds have trouble grasping onto the little ledge that surrounds the feeder so even though they would probably like the bigger pieces, they can’t stand on the ledge and pick at the seed like the smaller birds can.

These birds have been a big part of my Mindfulness practice as I sit on the swing and watch them fighting each other to get the seed. But now, I just worry. I’ve made a mistake with the seed and they don’t want to come to my bird restaurant anymore.
Mindfulness is being in the Now. It is accepting what Is. I spread some of the new food on the ground, so the bigger birds could enjoy. Now I see a cacophony of birds-all enjoying their new food.

DBT has three types of Mindfulness: Observe, Describe and Participate. These three things are done separately. You choose which you want to be mindful of during your session.

When we are mindful we observe without judgement. We let go of distractions as they arise and come back to the moment. It’s like being a guard at the gate of your mind, being aware of the feelings and thought that come into the gate, but not assessing them. Acknowledge and then go back to observing what you are seeing, feeling and doing. Letting the worries slide off like your mind is made of Teflon.

When we are mindful we describe what is happening as if we are a narrator. Without getting sidetracked by the feeling or worry. You might notice the worry by describing the feeling such as, “My teeth are grinding.” Then let it go. I find the describing part to be the most difficult because I start thinking about the worry and try to solve it instead of just describing it. I have to constantly move my thoughts back to describing. This is a work in progress.

When we are mindful we participate in what is happening. Just throw yourself into the activity completely forgetting yourself, your worries. You respond with spontaneity, whether you are talking with someone or dancing, just be in the moment. This can be called being “one-mindful” because you only focus on what you’re doing in that moment.

The purpose of Mindfulness is to enjoy life as it is. Every moment is brand new- it’s never happened before. You are like a child having fun in all you do. I often hear the children in my neighborhood playing in the early evenings. It’s so wonderful! Their voices are always raised and there is excitement in all they are doing. What a great way to live!

As a child of God, He wants us to have that type of excitement in what He has created for us. Cast your worries aside and give them to Him to carry and play out your life like a child, always expectant of the next fun thing God throws your way.

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