Prayers for Sherri

Today my sister Sherri is going to get some tests and have a consultation with a surgeon. She has a tumor in her mouth, that same mouth that went through dozens of surgeries due to the effects of Bells Palsy.

She hates people working on her mouth as she went through so much trauma with it throughout her life. She will have to have surgery to remove the tumor, which is made of bone. This trip today to Minneapolis will be a trial for her. She has so much strength and love of God that I know she is praying and counting on Him for the best results.

First, she will have a test to look at her Creatine levels, then she will be strapped with an IV that will push contrast through her system for one more CAT scan. The doctor has all her records from way back to the Mayo Clinic where most of her surgeries were done as a young girl.

Lastly, she will meet with the surgeon who will explain what needs to be done.

Will you pray for Sherri today? Pray that she remains strong throughout the consultations. Pray that the outcome will be better than ever.
Thank you.

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