Mindfully Living This Day

Quiet sharing with God can be a delightful mindfulness experience. Slow down. Quiet your motions. Bask in His glory. What would you become today if you let God control your actions? Would you be more helpful to people? Would opportunities arise beyond your wildest dreams?

Ask God to show you His true peace as you go about your daily activities slower, contemplating Him. As you mindfully run your errands, bless people along the way. Take time to talk and really listen to those you come in contact with. Pray for them.
Be mindful as you work, opening up your thoughts and actions to the Lord. Always looking for God in your life can open your senses, slow your heart rate and observe your life in a different way. Fully participate in what you are doing.

DBT goals for Mindfulness are to Reduce suffering and increase happiness; Increase control of your mind; and Experience reality as it is. What would life be like if you had less strain and tension? By trusting God, you give that strain over to Him. Stop letting your mind be in control of you. God tells us to not worry- to not live in the future but live in the present with Him. He tells us to learn from our mistakes but don’t let the past control us.

Live with your eyes wide open, don’t just go through the motions, live the life God wants you to live, in communion with Him. Experience the reality of your connection to Him, to His essential goodness. Validate your life, take each moment as it comes and feel the blessings in it.

Mindfulness is living with intention, being aware in the present moment. Accept the simple grace of each event that occurs in your life. Wake up from the rote behaviors that become life. Participate and be present in every moment. And don’t judge! Let go of evaluating everything that you say and do. Instead of suppressing a moment, ask God to help you discern the consequences and make wise choices.

All you need to do is pay attention to the moment. It can be done anywhere and anytime. Embrace your life with all its ups and downs. Acknowledge the difficulties and don’t avoid them.

“Join me, everyone! Trust only in God every moment! Tell Him all your troubles and pour out you heart-longings to Him. Believe me when I tell you-He will help you!” Psalm 62:8

Let the power of continuous prayer help you throughout your day. Allow yourself to experience His constant presence. Engage in spiritual mindfulness practice with a centering prayer, “Lord guide me.” “Stay with me Lord, throughout it all.” “Lord, bless this person.”

While meditation can also be mindfulness, to really experience your life is the true meaning of the word. Describe the moments to God and implore Him to help you. That is truly living in communion with Him. When worries abound, learn what is real and what is not real by asking God (Wise Mind) to help you acknowledge the worry but give it up to Him.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live each moment as it is without worry about the future or regrets of the past? I am reminded of the story from Jewish history when the Israelites were in the desert and God supplied them with Manna for substance. Just enough Manna was given each day with a whole new batch each morning. We should take our Manna of the moment and trust God to give us just enough to make it through each moment, with no worries of the future and no regrets about the past.

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