I long for peace against me anxiety. I long for the comfort of Purpose. Many times, I go through my day wondering what purpose I have, what to do that has meaning. What can I possibly give this world of myself?

Times like these I breathe in and out and consult Wise Mind (God.) Mindfulness is about living in the now-not the future-not the past-not the wonders of purpose, more, the wonders of “being.” I imagine myself surrounded by God’s love. I feel the power as I breathe. I let my mind wander acknowledging the feelings and thoughts as they pass. I am enveloped in love.

“..The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him.” Psalm 31:10

We all long for peace, no one wants heartache and worry. Though we may have many trials, we can take a moment and evoke peace through Mindfulness of God. Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters you.” This remind me of Jesus’ wounds. He gave Himself so that we may have light and, in my mindfulness, I feel that light shining through my wounds.

In my mindfulness I feel the peace seeping through the scars. Jesus left us with peace. The first thing He said to his disciples after His resurrection was, “Peace be with you.” How many times do we hurry along our day frazzled and tense without evoking this peace?

It takes focus to be mindful. Do your thoughts wander when you pray? It may be Wise Mind (God) showing you what to pray. Pray about whatever your mind in telling you but be aware that God might just be telling you to stop your mind from wandering and focus! You can watch the thoughts go by and maintain your focus, or you can pray about the thoughts. Nothing is too small for God to hear.

It all depends on what you are trying to do. Are you emptying your mind so you can accept God’s peace or are you praying in order to be close to God and release your anxious thoughts unto Him?

If you are emptying your mind, you may want to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Watch the thoughts pass but don’t linger on them and re-focus on your breath. Invite God’s peace into your heart, staying there with it as long as you like. Each time a thought comes into your head, watch it pass. I heard it once described like a train of thoughts. The train goes by but it doesn’t have to stop at a boxcar of thought. You don’t need o board the train- you are just watching it and re-focusing on peace.

If you are praying to release anxious thoughts, then pray about each thought that comes into your mind. Consider why these thoughts are coming up and pray to be let go of the stress. You must guard your thoughts and not let negative thoughts take root and put limitations on what God wants you to be. Allow Him to water the seeds He’s planted and ignore the seeds your negative thoughts have sown.

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