What Now God? (Answer Start a Movement)

I am still writing. I have been writing and not posting for awhile. I had planned on continuing my blog to speak about how God has been working in my life, putting people who need prayer in my life. Those pages will make it to the blog- at some point.

The bottom line is that I was volunteering at a hospital to pray with and for people. This was my calling! The COVID-19 Coronavirus put an end to that. First, my Oncologist told me to stop- I have Leukemia- an anti-immune system, and was putting myself in danger. Then a week later, the hospital cancelled all volunteering altogether.


So my story about God calling me to volunteer and be Him and speak His words was stopped by this horrible crisis we are in. I felt what I had to say was irrelevant, now that I am unable to fulfill that calling, and then a friend said, “Nothing is irrelevant!” Thank you, Peggy! And my sister Shan said, start the blog again right from where you are, which in my words was, “What now?”

Then God spoke to me.

I can still write.

My therapist, Angela said, “You have a strong voice.”

So, God told me to write a note for random people and put that note on cars in parking lots, starting with Walmart, where my son Tyler got a note a few weeks before he died. If you’ve read my blog you know that Tyler’s note was about how much God loved him, and Tyler kept that note for weeks on his counter until it got lost in a house move. It had made an impact on him.


I decided the note would have five parts- short enough to be printed on both sides of one page:
1) Why am I writing it, which I explained Tyler’s note and how he needed to hear that God does indeed love us no matter what—my inspiration
2) Provide the address and phone number to our local FreeStore run by my church. If you need something, come and get it- if you have something, come and bring it
3) A List of contemporary Gospel songs that might fit any need- for praise, joy, protection, help for you or others
4) A list of Bible verses to uplift us
5) A prayer- for our country and for each of us which I copied from and referenced YOU VERSION an app I use which has Bible study plans for every situation.

I planned to go hand out these notes today, but it is raining. I guessed I would wait til Monday when there would be sun. Then, I thought I could just put each note in a sandwich bag to keep it dry while it sat on the car windshield. So I started printing up copies and folding them into sandwich bags.

Then, God called me to add something- a bit of money- just a $10 bill that people could use or give away. So I went to the bank and took out the amount of money that I would normally just blow on something. I stuffed $10 bills into several of the bags and headed to Walmart, then to Kroger. I handed them directly to people who were out and put the rest under the windshield wipers of cars in the lot.

I don’t know who will read the note or who will throw it away- but that is in God’s hands. It didn’t take long to hand everything out.
We could start a movement if others would follow suit. You wouldn’t have to give people money, but I just happened to have some extra.

This is the note I wrote:

This is a scary time. We are all stuck in our homes. We have to talk to our family using FaceTime because our own flesh and blood may have been exposed. My family is fine. We do not need anything. And this letter is not asking you for anything.
I am compelled to write this and share it because a month or two before my son was killed in a car accident, he got an anonymous note on his windshield while his car was parked at a store. The note told of God’s love for him. I know this made an impact on him, gave him peace and he saved that note- kept it on his counter. I want to pay that forward- so you have this letter on your windshield today.
God loves you and He will continually be your Hope. There is nothing that can come between us and the love that God has for us. {Romans 8:38-39)
Before this virus hit, I was a volunteer at the hospital, visiting and praying with patients. Because of the virus I can no longer do that, so I am doing this. I pray over you as I put this note on your car.
God is our hope and our shield. As a matter of fact, he likes to remind me of this every day, literally! I get this message on my phone every day at the same time.
“We put our hope in the LORD. He is our help and our shield.” Psalm 33:20
I guess I signed up for something online in order for this to happen, but for whatever reason –every single day my phone tells me this truth. He is our hope when we are anxious. And afraid and hurting and penniless. No matter what is going on you can bring it to God because he is our help and our shield. He is the God-of-Angel-Armies and I pray that He builds a hedge of angels around you and your loved ones to keep you safe, bring you miracles, heal you. Heal our Nation- heal the world.
A couple verses later Psalm 30:22 says:
“O Eternal, (God) drench us with your endless love even now as we wait for You.”

          **I believe God is asking us to step up- to move. If you don’t currently need help, pray that He gives you a purpose to help others. If you have enough, give some of what you have to someone else.
If you need help- prayer, food, supplies:
The Vineyard Church has a Freestore in Franklin with clothes, food, household items– all FREE. If you need something, go there. If you have something to give- go there! They are open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am -2pm (937) 746-1435
Vineyard Freestore: 108 East 6th St., Franklin – http://www.vineyarddowntown.org

           ***Maybe take a break from binge watching and listen to some music. Here are some songs you can pull up from Spotify, Google, Alexa, YouTube or wherever you get your music. Music that can inspire you, keep your faith strong and calm you. These songs are not your Grandma’s Gospel Songs!
-For Joy this snappy song by Jamie Grace: “Beautiful Day”
-For Protection: Kanye West, Kenny G and Clipse- “Use this Gospel”
-Helping Others: Need to Breathe (featuring Gavin DeGraw): “Brother”
-For a miracle: “Waymaker” by Michael W Smith (lots of cool versions of this out there)
-For God to step in to help us: “Praise you in this Storm” by Casting Crowns
-Praise: Made to Love by Toby Mac
-Help: Rescue by Lauren Daigle

          ***The news on TV, online and stuff being shared on social media tell us scary stuff. It can feel defeating. Here is what the Word of God says:
   “Have faith in Him in all circumstances, dear people. Open your heart to Him; the True God shelters us in His arms.” Psalm 62:8
   “Since God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries.” 1 Peter 5:7
   “For I will make you well again and heal your wounds.” Jeremiah 30:17
   “No one is abandoned by the Lord forever” Lamentations 3:31

You can pray. The prayer below is courtesy of the YOU VERSION App, an app with thousands of Bible studies for literally anything you may be going through- download it! There’s something there for you!
Being alone is hard. We were created for community, not confinement.
But we’re grateful that no matter how alone we may feel, you never leave or forsake us. And, we’re grateful for technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.
Today, please remind us that this time of social distancing and isolation will not last forever.
Give us the strength to endure this difficult season, and deepen our connection with You and Your people.
Empower us with an extra dose of Your love, peace, hope and joy, because we need it. Remind us of Your promises, and please heal our land. Amen.

***Pass this on

That was it, the letter.  God used my talents and gave me the strength and confidence to step way out of my comfort zone to distribute this note.

Will you join in the movement?